Studio B


Studio B is an actual 1970's recording studio plus a newly built control room that's inspiring and well equipped.


Control Room

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Avast's mixing console is an API Legacy 64 input console, with Flying Faders automation; it's a beautiful piece, with two angled wings to house the high-numbered channels. You can work 100% analog here, or use the 64-output Protools rig. We feature Burl Audio's gorgeous converters to make Protools sound amazing. We are well-known for our collection of vintage outboard gear, and since the sprawling patch bay is well laid out, you'll find lots of great sounds at hand. Ampex ATR102 Stereo Mix tape deck and MM1200 16-track analog multitrack can be used, or roll in the Studer A827 Gold Edition for your session.


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Tracking Room

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Avast Studio B is an actual 1970's recording studio. It's almost a time capsule of mirrors, wood, and orange burlap. The sound quality is fairly dry but not dead, very warm and clear. This studio is ideal for overdubs, full-band tracking, editing, and mixing. The piano is a Yamaha U3; or a 1940's Wurlitzer 'Deco' piano, in tune and full of character (for grand piano, look at our Studio A). The room also has a Wurlitzer 200A electric piano, and access to Ampeg Fliptop and SVT amps, Fender '68 Twin, and other instruments. There are three booths, two with windows and one amp-closet, as well as the main wood-floored room. The room has a great feel, the floor is sprung slightly, like an old ballroom.


The Music

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Studio B is awaiting it's finishing touches on a long-awaited remodel. We rebuilt the control room into a great sounding, great looking workspace. Formerly cramped but adequate, it's now a sprawling huge room with daylight and treetop views. The proportions of the room fall into ideal dimensions, aka we lucked out with the acoustics. The monitoring environment is much improved - the couch is well within the sweet-spot and has no low-end build-up, so everyone is hearing the same mix as you work. It's now easy to hear low end and subtle mix details. The room usually has Genelec 1032A speakers, plus Yamaha NS10's and JBL 4430 Mains. On request, Tannoy Little Gold 12's or ProAc Studio 100 speakers can be used as well.